There are three types of breadcrumbs used in cooking: fresh white bread-crumbs, dried white breadcrumbs and browned


Fresh white breadcrumbs are prepared from bread which is at least one day old. The crusts are removed and discarded and the remainder is either blended in a blender, grated with a hand grater or rubbed through a wire strainer with the palm of the hand. Fresh white bread-crumbs are used for panades, for stuffings and bread sauce and for some desserts and cakes.

They will not keep long because they soon become mouldy, but they will be all right for a day or two if they are stored in

a screw-top jar. Put into polythene bags and frozen they will keep for several months.

Dried white breadcrumbs are prepared by drying fresh white breadcrumbs on a baking sheet in a very slow oven, so that the breadcrumbs do not brown. Dried white breadcrumbs are used for coating foods for frying. The fish or meat to be fried

should be dipped in beaten egg and then coated with the crumbs before being fried in hot fat. This will give a firm, crusty surface. Dried white bread-crumbs will keep for several weeks in a screw-top jar.

Browned breadcrumbs are prepared by browning breadcrusts in a very slow oven and then crushing them finely with a pestle

in a mortar, with a rolling pin or in a blender. They can be used for coating for frying, but they are more often used for

covering the surface of ham before baking or for gratines. They are also served hot, on their own, with game. Browned

breadcrumbs will keep indefinitely in a screw-top jar provided they are stored in a cool, dry place.

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