Bocconia (Plume Poppy)

These plants may be grown singly in odd parts of the garden, or in the borders. The plants are ornamental, and when the flowers have faded the pale brown seedpods still look very charming. Plant in April. They grow freely from seed, sown when ripe, or in spring.

B. cordata has glaucous foliage with yellow and buff flowers. Height 5-12 ft.

B. yedcensis. Silvery plumes. July to September. 5-ft.

Borage. These plants thrive in almost any soil. Sow seeds in spring or autumn, Increase by division of roots in spring, or by cuttings of non-flowering shoots in lato summer or autumn.

The common Borage, Borago officinalis, bears blue, purple or white flowers during the summer, and is used as flavouring for drinks, etc.

B. laxiflora, blue flowered, is good for naturalizing but undesirable in small borders.

Bravoa. Bulbous-rooted perennials with orange or red flowers, suitable for border cultivation. Plant in September, setting the bulbs 4-in. Deep in light sandy soil in a well-drained, sunny spot. Increase by offsets treated as bulbs. Height, 2-ft.

Brevoortia (Brodios Lily)- Hardy bulbous-rooted plants, mostly grown in the borders. Plant in autumn in rich sandy loam in a warm, well-drained position. Lift and replant the bulbs annually. Sow seeds in March in sandy soil in a cold frame. Also increase by offsets treated as bulbs. Height 1-ft.

Brodieea (Missouri Hjacinth). Hardy bulbs bearing flowers mostly of white or bluish colour. Cultivate in exactly the samo manner as Brevoortia.

Bulbocodium (Meadow Saffron). Bulbous-rooted plants with purple flowers, which may be grown in the beds or borders. Plant in September, setting them 3-in. Apart and 3-in. Deep in any ordinary soil in either a sunny or shady position. Increase by offsets which may be treated as bulbs. Height 6-in.

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