Bedsore (decubitus ulcer)

Skin condition that occurs as a result of protracted pressure on an area of skin, often immediately next to part of a bone, such as the lower part of the back (sacrum), heel, hip, etc. The sores are caused because the blood vessels in the skin are closed by pressure between the bone and the surface on which the patient is lying. If this persists for a long time without interruption, the skin cells do not receive enough oxygen and die. The condition does not occur in healthy people because they regularly alter their position when lying down, even in sleep, and thus pressure is distributed evenly over the whole body. Patients who are seriously ill or in a coma do not move, and are thus prone to the condition, as are patients with no feeling in a particular part of the body. Bedsores are slow to heal, even when pressure is removed. It is therefore extremely important to prevent their

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