The name of several voracious, spiny-finned sea and river fish, the bass best known in Europe is the sea bass. Also known as the sea wolf and sea perch and, in France, as the bar, it is caught in the Mediterranean and along the Atlantic coast of Europe. Because it has a super-ficial likeness to the salmon in shape and colouring, in England bass is sometimes called sea salmon or white salmon.

Many varieties of bass live in the coastal waters, rivers and lakes of America. The striped bass, the large and small- mouthed black bass, and the calico bass make good eating and are considered excellent game by anglers. Gastrono-mically, the sea bass is the best of the species, with firm, lean, fine-textured flesh and a delicate flavour.

Large bass are poached and served hot with melted butter or a HOLLANDAISE SAUCE or cold with a SAUCE VERTE. Smaller bass can be grilled, baked or braised. Heavily spiced sauces should not be used because they will spoil the fish’s delicate flavour. Nearly all ways of cooking salmon can be used for preparing bass.

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