Herbaceous plants suitable for growing in the borders. Plant in spring or autumn in ordinary soil in a shady position. Sow seeds in April in sandy loam and grow in cold frame. Also increase by division of roots in autumn or spring.

Astrantia minor has starry grey flowers, June-July. Height 9-12 in.

Aubrietia (Purple Rock Cress). Evergreen trailing plants which can be grown in the rock or wall garden, or as edging in the border. Plant in spring in any ordinary soil in a sunny position.

Seeds may be sown in April in a shady position. Increase by division in autumn or spring, and by cuttings taken in June.

The flowers are in many bright colours and appear from April to May. Some of the best modern strains are: Clio, magenta-pink; Moerheimi, pale rose; Dr. Mules, deep purple; Violet Queen, rich purple; Vindictive, crimson; Pritchards A., purple and white.

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