Arabis (Wall Cress)

These spring-flowering plants are mostly suitable for the rockery, although they may be grown in the border, and they make excellent carpet plants for spring bedding. Sow in April and May in almost any soil.

Cuttings of older plants may be taken during the summer, transplanting the cuttings in autumn. The plants may also be divided immediately after flowering. The flowers are mostly white or pink. (Wormwood). Useful border plants. The flowers are mostly borne in a profusion of small blooms, which are held well above the foliage. The dwarf varieties are very useful in the rock garden. They will grow in any ordinary soil and do not require very much attention.

Increase by division of roots in spring, or cuttings inserted in sandy soil in the cold frame, which should be shaded until well established. The species mostly grown are:

A. dbrotanum. Lads Love, or Southern-wood. Grown for the fragrance of its foliage. It is useful in a mixed border to prevent the clashing of vivid colours.

A. canescens. Silver filigree leaves. Plants suitable for the rock garden. Height 12-in.

A. lactifolia. Spikes of creamy-white flowers of remarkable beautv.

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