Aquilegia (Columbine)

Sow in spring in a rich loamy soil in a partially-shaded border, or they may be sown in autumn in boxes in the cold frame. These make excellent cut flowers, the variety of colour and their peculiar shape being a very charming feature. To secure plants true to type, increase by division of the roots. They have a long flowering period and attain a height of 3-ft.

A. alpina, variety which can be grown in the rock garden, has large sapphire flowers.

A. ccerulea, which has pale lavender and white flowers, is one of the parents with 4. califomica, A. ckrysantha, A. Jragrans, etc., of most of the garden hybrids. The new scented Columbines, and the variety Crimson Star, are outstanding among the modern strains.

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