This is a pretty bluo flower suitable for beds and borders and also for the rock garden. Flowere appear from June to September, and the plants attain a hoight of 1-4 ft., according to variety. Sow in spring or autumn in any good soil, and grow in warm sunny places. As seedlings do not always produce quite the same strain, it is better to increase by division of the roots.

The best varieties are:

A. italica Dropmore. The profusion of flowers is very effective in the border.

A. italica Pride of Dover. A different shade of blue, but equally desirable.

A. myosotidiflora. Forget-me-not bluo rock plants, which should be planted in flowers. This variety is suitable for the spring in an open, sunny situation, but rock garden. Sheltered from excessive rains. Generally Androsace. Hardy, ornamental grown in scree. A compost of loam, sand and leaf-mould is most suitable for the cultivation of these plants. Seeds may be sown in autumn or spring. Take cuttings in summer and insert in sandy soil in a cold frame. Divide the roots of plants in autumn or spring.

The best species for the alpine garden are:

A. carnea. Pink. May-July. 9-in.

A. chamcEJawne. White with crimson centre. May. 1-in.

A. lanuginosa. Grey foliage with lilac flowers. July-October. 3-in.

A. primuloides. Flesh pink, May-June. 4-in.

A. sarmentosa. Magenta, May-Juno. 4-in.

A. Tyrenaica. Mossy, with white flowers. Early spring. 1-in.

A. villosa. Large white flowers. May. 2-in.

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