Althea (Hollyhock)

Perennial, but best grown as an annual. See ANNUALS – HOLLYHOCK.

AistTomeria (Tuberous-rooted). These are best planted on the edge of a warm, sheltered shrubbery, in rich, well- manured soil. They need plenty of water in the summer. They are also very suitable as cut flowers.

Seeds may be sown in boxes or pots and placed in the cold frame or greenhouse. Do not transplant until the seedlings are thoroughly established. When planting Alstromerias, they should be set 6-8-in. Deep, and 1-ft. Apart. The best time for this is during the spring in showery weather. The plants are best left undisturbed, but if necessary the roots may be divided when the foliage begins to turn brown.

These plants have various-coloured flowers and attain a height of 2-3-ft.

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