Acanthus (Bears Breech)

Although quite hardy, these plants like to be grown in a warm, rich loamy soil, in sheltered spots. They may be grown in warm pockets on the rockery, in the border, or as isolated specimens on lawns. Sow seeds in spring. Take cuttings in spring or autumn, and insert in sandy soil in the hot bed or warm greenhouse. Plant out in spring.

The flowers appear from June to August, and the colours range from pale pink to rosy purple. Height 4-ft. The ornamental foliage is effective, even when the flowers fade.

Achillea (Pearl Flower). Herbaceous plants suitable for growing in the rock garden. These may be planted in autumn or spring in any ordinary soil in an open position. Increase by seeds sown in spring in the position where they are to grow, or by division of roots in autumn or spring. Height 2-ft. The best for the amateurs garden are:

A. millefolium, Cerise Queen, makes a colourful splash in the mixed border.

A. plarmica, The Pearl, a variety which has myriads of small double flowers.

Perrys White is another good variety of the same species.

A. rupestri is a pure white species ol dwarf habit suitable for the rock garden Aconitum (Monkshood). Fleshy tuberous roots. The best place to grow these is in the shrubbery or on the edge of ponds or streams. The roots are ex tremely poisonous; and, as they resemble horseradish, they should be as far away from the vegetable plot as possible.

If left undisturbed, tall spikes of blue, purple, yellow or white flowers will be pro-duced in great profusion in the summer. Sow seeds in the open border in spring. Divide the roots, when necessary, early in autumn. Height to 6-ft.

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