Abysingalis as Pets

THESE quaint if not very lively creatures came originally from Mexico, and are remarkable in being the only creature of the frog and newt (batrachian or amphibian) type which is bred in captivity and still rare in breeding at all, for they are imperfect animals which generally remain always in the tadpole stage, retaining gills on each side of the neck by which the 7 breathe under water; they are, in fact, large young newts, which may grow a foot long and then never attain the adult stage, although breeding.

Sometimes, however, they do complete the change, lose their gills, and become a land animal called Amblystoma, always need a damp spot to live on, such as a fern-case with a pan of water sunk in the soil. There they may be fed on worms and insects, but in the ordinary way should be treated as fish, as long as they retp-in their gills, and be kept in an aquarium, where they will take raw meat as well as worms.

If kept warm they should spawn in spring, iixing their eggs, which are like white currants, to water plants. The small tadpoles, which have no legs at first, can be fed on little creatures like water-fleas, and minute water-worms.

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